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Stress in the Workplace

Legal judgements on stress have left many employers confused about the implications for their own responsibility for protecting staff from stress.  This one day seminar will equip appropriate managers to identify potential stress in the workplace and develop strategies to minimise the harmful effects.  This seminar will deal with:

  • Understanding what makes people vulnerable to stress and what reduces their ability to cope with it
  • Understand the employer?s duty of care and the Health and Safety guidelines on stress at work
  • Use a risk assessment approach to stress
  • Contribute to the development of strategies for dealing with stress

Harassment in the Workplace

Aimed at Managers and Supervisors who want to identify and understand the problems of harassment in the workplace.  It will help them to be alert to any signs of a problem and know what effective action to take.  This one day seminar will help participants to:

  • Understand the nature of harassment and know what the Employer?s responsibilities are.
  • Recognise the signs and understand what a person being harassed is experiencing.
  • Conduct an effective interview with someone who is being harassed or with someone they suspect is being harassed.
  • Assist with a formal or informal complaint about harassing behaviour.
  • Understand the benefits of a formal policy.

Personal Problems at Work
Training for Managers ? Effective intervention

The aim of this seminar is to raise awareness of Managers and Supervisors to the effects that stressful situations at home and at work can have on an individual employee and how to intervene effectively.  This one day seminar will help participants to:

  • Understand more about how personal and work related problems may affect someone?s work performance;
  • Recognise the signs that an individual is experiencing personal problems;
  • Be aware of boundaries in the Manager?s role;
  • Conduct an effective interview;
  • Direct a staff member with a personal or work related problem towards appropriate support.