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Why provide Employee Assistance?  The Key Benefits

According to Health & Safety Executive research, work related stress, depression or anxiety are the leading causes of working days lost through ill health, with an estimated 13.8 million days lost a year.  To calculate what this costs your company use the H&S Executive ready reckoner using the link below.

http://www.hse.gov.uk/costs/index.asp - click on ill health costs

Many employees find managing the demands of work and home stressful and challenging. Employees may be affected by personal problems such as marital and family issues, financial worries, alcohol or drug problems, or work-related stress.

Whether the source of the problem is at home or work, the result is often the same: reduced productivity, increased absenteeism, poor morale, damage to customer relations and accidents in the workplace.

What are the key benefits of Employee Assistance?

Offering independent support to your employees can help them to balance their commitments in and out of work and in return it will help employees remain focused and productive

  • Early intervention in dealing with personal and work related problems can often reduce sick leave and absenteeism
  • Your business needs to comply with UK employment law and to meet its ?duty of care? as an employer. Providing a confidential advice and counselling service can help you achieve compliance, and reduce the risk of litigation "An employer who offers a confidential advice service, with referral to appropriate counselling or treatment services is unlikely to be in breach of duty." (Court of Appeal 2002)
  • More people are citing work/life balance as a major factor when choosing a job, offering employee assistance is a valuable tool for recruitment and retention.

An outside agency is cost effective, confidential and clearly independent. It gives your employees the opportunity to discuss problems away from the workplace.