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About counselling

Counselling is a process through which an individual can take time out from their daily routine to consider aspects of their life that need to change.

The process involves:

Clarifying the problem/s to be solved
Once problems start they can accumulate.  For example a break up in a marriage can result in many other problems, emotional, practical and financial.  By the time someone talks to a Counsellor it can be difficult to separate out the cause from the symptoms.


Helping reach a decision to change
Recognising that there is a problem doesn?t mean that change will automatically follow.  The Counsellor's skill is bringing structure to the process which could otherwise go around in circles reinforcing the sense of not being in control.

Supporting strategies for change
The Counsellor gives support in deciding what can change and how that change can be brought about.  This may be at home or at work or often both.  The Counsellor can help identify what other support is available.  Our Counsellors are realistic and down to earth.

Helping problem solve
Counselling provided is solution focused and brief. It enables change to happen quickly and is often quite practical.  Clients usually regain their coping skills and get on with tackling problems themselves.

What issues can we help employees with?

  • Stress at home and at work
  • Family or relationship problems
  • Harassment or bullying at work
  • Bereavement
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Post traumatic stress
  • Alcohol or drug related problems
  • Excessive gambling
  • Any concerns that are causing worry

As well as structured counselling for employees, they and their immediate families have access to the 24 hour helpline.

Appointments are available at locations throughout England. Structured counselling Face to Face or by Telephone.